Bellieni Stereo Jumelle

Typical turn of the century Jumelle style camera with magazine back, for 9x18 stereo pairs. Owing to the physical size of the plates, the magazine holds 24 half size plate holders. Advancing from one image to the next required the operator to keep careful track of the frame counter. The plate changing handle had to be cycled twice per image. Looking at the camera from behind, 24 unexposed half plates are loaded on the left hand side. Each time the changing handle is cycled, one half plate is moved across to the right. Therefore, before the first photo is taken, the changing handle must be cycled to bring an unexposed plate to the right hand side. After taking a photo. The exposed left hand image is dragged over to the right hand stack. A second operation of the handle then drags an unexposed plate from left to right, leaving two unexposed plates in position. The exposure counter must always be on an even number or one half of a pair will be double exposed. Large and clumsy systems such as this were rapidly supplanted by easier to handle 45 x 107 cameras like the Verascope.