Dallmeyer Universal Sliding Box Stereo Camera


Dallmeyer Universal Sliding Box Stereo Camera


Dallmeyer SLiding Box Stereo Shutter


Dallmeyer Stereo


Dallmeyer Stereo Camera


Dallmeyer Focusing Back


Dallmeyer Stereo Lens Pair


Dallmeyer Universal Sliding Box Stereo Camera Kit

Dallmeyer was a leading optician, who obviously wished to see his lenses presented on cameras worthy of his name. As beautifully made as it is rugged, the perfectly inletted brass bindings are interspersed with equally perfect dovetail joints. Each joint was reinforced with a perfectly aligned brass screw. This example must have been a late entry in the age of sliding box cameras, c.1868. The kit includes both a matching wet plate, and clamshell style dry plate holder. The focusing screen is also matched to the set. Added to the kit is a second mismatched wet plate holder, which shows chemical stains from being used. The kit also includes a second pair of sequentially numbered Dallmeyer lenses,a beautifully made Dallmeyer flap shutter,and two screen focusing lenses. Tilting the camera around under a light reveals the most amazing three dimensional depth and color I have ever seen in the grain of a piece of wood. They must have used the best trees first.